Monday, 28 December 2009

Ecoiffier Play Sets

The Tot Testers were bought some of the Ecoiffier range for Christmas this year.

Ecoiffier are a French company who stock their Lego type toys in branches of The Entertainer toy shops.

The Tots were given a Farm truck set, and a Firetruck set, which cost just a fiver each, and a larger Train set for 12.50.

The sets are very basic-imagine Megablocks or Duplo and you're half way there. When they are opened, they require adult assembly. The toys are aimed at 18 months plus, but there would be no way anyone as little as that would be able to put the cars, trucks and trains together- the wheels need to be put on the base, then the chasis over this! They come with stickers to improve the overall look.

The toys are easy though for an adult to put together, and providing your children don't take them apart this only needs to be done once. It took about 5 minutes to set them all up, and they don;t need screwdrivers or the like.

The overall look, once put together, is good-they are bright and colourful, in chunky plastic, with no tiny parts which could be swallowed. The detail in the plastic people which come with each set is excellent. They don't require batteries, as they don't move around unaided or light up, but I liked this old school feature-one less toy to make loads of unnecessary and annoying noise!

The price really is good- especially when compared with other similar, better known brands. It also fitted with a Megablocks set that the Tots already had.

Other items in the range are just as inexpensive- and include aheavily detailed Pirate ship, a Farmyard, and an aeroplane.

The Tots have not left this alone, and are happy to provide their own sound effects- these really do encourage imaginative play.

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