Saturday, 5 December 2009

Lush Sweet and Dreamy Box

20SomethingMum has been taking up the bathroom, purely in the name of research, trying out the new Lush "Sweet and Dreamy" box.

It's marketed at today's busy Mum who wants to relax for a soak in the bath, the products are said to provide a calming and sleep inducing scent and feeling.

Inside, once you take off the wrapping and bow, the smell that greets you when you open the box is sent from heaven itself. The items inside are eye catching in the extreme, in vivid pinks and light yellows. There are 8 different products to choose from.

Now, I suffer with sensitive skin, always have done, but I thought I'd give Lush a go- the products are made from natural ingredients rather than artificial chemicals.

I'm glad to say they left my skin blemish free, with no hint of irritation.

The names of the products are inventive too- such as the massage soap (which works due to the little raised lump pressing into the skin as you wash it round your body) called "Honey I washed the Kids", or the "Waving Not Drowning" Bath Ballistic (so called as it fizzes around the bath as it dissolves, much to the amusement of the Tots).

My favourites were the Dream Cream hand and body lotion, a divine cream which leaves the skin positively glowing, and will soften the harshest of detergent ravaged hands. Trust me, I wash up everything in our house, I am the dishwasher, and my hands were careworn to the extreme, but the cream from Lush has left them smooth and supple, and its not too greasy as to be annoying.

I also really loved the Dream Time Luxury Bath Melt-this looked like a bar of soap with flowers pressed in, and I was dubious! But after placing it in the bath whilst it was running, I was left with a bath that smelt gorgeous, but not sickly sweet or cloying, and with skin feeling refreshed. It did have a calming affect, and I'm glad I waited until the children went to bed before using it, as I happily soaked in the bath, reading a book for a good hour before I even washed my hair!

The company have a no Animal Testing policy, which is something more and more consumers are looking for, so will appeal to the majority.

Their website, at, is as bright and colourful as the box of bath goods I was sent. Its easy to navigate, and includes the story behind the company, competitions , and information on its gift wrapping service, which is environmentally friendly.

Lush offer an online Mail order service, with UK standard shipping costing just £3.95, or next day at £6.95, so unless you are running late on a present purchase, the standard delivery is reasonable. They do offer overseas shipping, but price is on purchase, although it does say it will be extra, which is obvious.

At £29.95 for 8 items, some may think it's quite expensive for what is essentially fancy bath salts, but it's well worth it as a treat for yourself or as a great gift that woman of any age will love. Make your Mum feel pampered!

Highly recommended.

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