Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tolo Safari Lion

This toy lion is chunky brightly coloured plastic, and looks very sturdy, as if it will endure even the hardest of knocks in playtime. The head, legs and tail all move with a twisting sound, so the child can see a cause and effect link between the movement. It's very cute and smiley looking, I was very impressed with the aesthetics and think it would definitely jump out at you on a shelf in the toy section.

Big Tot literally played with this making growling sounds for an hour, and then promptly refused to go to bed without it. High praise indeed!

When Little Tot finally got a turn, he immediately stuck it in his mouth for a good chew. The lion took it well and emerged unscathed. After sucking on it for a good ten minutes, he then held it for another ten minutes, making the head turn, which he found highly amusing. The lion is chunky enough for little one year old hands to hold with no trouble at all, and the moveable bits are not so tight as to be a problem either.

All in all, this is something I would definitely buy as a set with the other safari range, as its good value for money. There's not many toys that can cross over with both of my toddlers and not bore one or the other.Big Tot has decided he's her new favourite (over longterm position holder Upsy Daisy no less), and with the smiley face on the lion I can see why.

Well done Tolo, ten out of ten.

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