Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Upsy Daisy and Her Bed Toy

Yes, it's more of the Night Garden franchise, this time it's Upsy Daisy with her moving bed. We gave t to Eldest Tot Tester to try...

This cost me twenty pounds in Argos just before Christmas, but usually costs thirty five pounds.

Sorry, but don't waste your money! It makes out that the bed does loads- like in the programme when she chases her bed, or the bed itself folds down when she sleeps in it.

Unfortunately, it has one action, which is it moves about a mm and plays a 20 second piece of the bedtime music from the programme itself.

The doll is nice, but doesn't look much different from the Talking doll, the lack of talking from the doll is the only difference, and the bed fits the talking one in too, rendering the doll it comes with unnecessary.

The bed itself is a lump of plastic, which yes does resemble the bed from the TV, but it doesn't flip open (the door bit is painted on but molded shut, the handle she pulls the bed with isn't on it at all), it has dipped piece that you would think would make the bed do something different when the dolly is in it, but no, it still just moves a little then stops.

It also makes a bit of a grinding noise which is not very good considering the excessive price.

Big Tot got bored very quickly with this, preferring her much cheaper Talking version after a few hours, and now the bed is sadly redundant.

My tip if you really do want this for your daughers collection is to buy it second hand from EBay-if another child gets as bored as quick as Big Tot did, I wouldn't think they'd be in bad condition!

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