Friday, 22 January 2010

The Childrens Jewellery Company

Our Girl Tot Tester has been trying out a Hair Clip from The Childrens Jewellery Company
whilst 20SomethingMum gives the site itself a once over.....

Big Tot is not great at keeping anything in her hair. She hates to have it washed, dried, brushed or fiddled with in general. So when we asked Harriet from the company could they make a clip that was Tot proof, they sent us one of their hand made bow clips.

It arrived in a smart little bag- the sort of ribboned bag you see with sweeties in on tables at wedding receptions. Big Tot was impressed with this straight away.

With a lot of persuasion, we got her to sit still long enough to put it in her hair. As usual, she pulled the clip, and it did fall out, but it took quite a bit of heavy yanking before it did. However, in cases of some hair clips that have taken force to remove via this method, it didn't bring a big lump of her hair with it.

After inspection, the clip proved to be a hardy product, and has shown no signs of wear or tear. It is very well made, ours was white with a cherry motif, which was bright and vibrant.

After a few more goes with placing in Big Tots hair, and after letting her put it in a dolls hair, she now will wear the clip for a longer period of time, and looks great in it.

The site itself is clear, well designed, and tells a parent all they need to know- price, how it was made and what with, and the origins of the company. Its run by fellow Mums, so they know better than anyone the dilemma faced by parents in buying a jewellery item for a child-will it fall off easily? Will it fall apart when tugged and be swallowed? Is it safe to be sucked by a child?

The answer to these queries is a resounding yes.

They don't just do everyday pieces, but they also offer a bespoke service for special keepsakes.

The prices are reasonable, and in comparison with chain stores they have a much more varied selection on offer- boys are catered for too.

A great site and well worth a look for purchasing gifts or just something to dress up an outfit.

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