Monday, 18 January 2010

Electrolux 1800 Power Plus Vacuum

The Twenty Something Mum has been trying out the Electrolux Power Plus Vacuum on all the families spills and everyday mess.

With two toddlers in the house, plus Gadget Dad who loves taking things apart the vacuum is used in our house at least 3 times a day. Other vacuums have given up and retired to the shed- but will the Electrolux be the Family Panel households next victim?

The Vacuum is very lightweight at just 5kg- great for my not very strong arms to easily lift it up the stairs and down again, and the vacuum hose is extendable too- making it simple to clean the staircase from the bottom.

Despite the lightness it's very sturdy- our old vacuum was a constant target for the youngest in our household to knock over meaning the lead would get caught up and then require untangling.

It has variable suction too- so on our heavy pile carpet which needs maximum boost it sucks up with a satisfying movement to the pile- leaving you feeling that its really got right down into the fibres to remove the dust, but on our tiled kitchen floor after a flour spillage from one of the Tot Testers the suction could be turned down and worked just as well.

It has a Hepa Filter, and I have to say I have found the house has a lot less dust around- with previous cleaners such as these the dust which would fly round was atrocious. The carpet looks cleaner, and with the strength of the suction picking up even the smallest flakes of dust its easy to see why.

The Power Plus is also suitable for use on upholstery- and with a telescopic multi position nozzle for such eventualities as getting down into the backs of the chairs, and a turbo nozzle for directing suction into the fibres of the settee, no Rice Krispie or piece of food was left standing! Again, you can see the difference the vacuum made to the cushions by the change of colour as dust was removed with ease. The tools themselves fit inside the cylinder so they don't get lost.

The Bag inside can take nearly the same weight in grime as the vacuum itself, and even better they can be reused as they are textile bags- saving money on buying new bags once a month. There is also a handy "Bag Full" indicator to the front of the cylinder- I for one am guilty of forgetting to check then wondering why I have no suction! They're easy to fit and remove with less mess too.

The Vacuum takes up very little space and is easy on the eye too, in white and in the case of the version we were sent, orange. They come in pink and green too. There s a big chunky power switch and also a similar button which with one press snakes the flex back inside- so no chance of tots unwinding it when its put away.

At sixty pounds is none too expensive when compared with similar products, but is worth every penny for being able to withstand our household admirably!

Recommended as a great all rounder, which can cope with food, different floor types, hair and dust.

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