Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Future Freak Clothing

Little Tot Tester has been looking quite funky of late, as he has been trying out clothing from Future Freak.

Little Tot is typical of toddlers who are just discovering what they can do, other than lying around waiting to be picked up. He is finding his feet, and walking a few juddery steps before giving up and crawling, feeding himself (or the carpet), and is still little enough to be teething and dribbling.

Hence his clothes take quite a battering on a daily basis, from stains caused by food, wear and tear from crawling, and of course having to be frequently laundered too in Non-Bio washing powders.

So, he was sent a T-shirt by Future Freak to see if it could withstand a whole day of Toddler Attack, and subsequent washing.

Future Freak have a wide range of adults and children's tops and hoodys, as well as bibs and vests for babies, and record bags for the hip! They also offer a custom t-shirt service.

The difference between Future Freak and better known High Street chains is their designs.

We're not talking you're typical boys in space rocket or car tops, or girls with flowery patterns. The style is very much alternative!

With slogans such as "Humpty Dumpty was Pushed", and in the case of the example we were sent "Don't Mess with Me, My Dad's a Superhero", these are a fun and often witty alternative to the norm.

They come in vibrant colours, and ours, despite having ketchup spilt on, washed easily, and the colour didn't run onto our other clothing either.

Priced at 9.99, they are more expensive than some chain store offerings, and admittedly some of the slogans may not be suitable to wear in front of the Grandparents (a bib with "They Beat me" springs to mind!), but they are good quality and would make a great, fun and unusual gift for expectant parents.

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