Tuesday, 26 January 2010

"Little Dish" Children's Meals

The Tot Testers and their rumbly tummies have been giving healthy Children's ready meals a try...did they get as far as filling those tums, or end up in 20 Something Mum's hoover?

Big Tot is known for her two year old fussiness, so when we were sent some of the Little Dish range of food we warned them that she was hard to please! But they assured us even Big Tot would love them!

The range is varied, easy to cook with when in a rush, and have good portion sizes. They are also proud to not include any sugars and salts in the ingredients either- unlike similar food aimed at children.

When looking at the ingredients displayed clearly on the packets, its clear to see that the range is aimed at Busy Mum's who care about what their child eats, the foods contain nothing nasty, or chemical sounding-m no E numbers and only natural preservatives too.

The dish Big Tot liked the best was Salmon and Broccoli Pasta bake. I make something very similar myself for both children, substituting the fish for ham due to Little Tot's allergy. It smelt delicious, I'd have happily eaten it myself.

They both enjoyed the Pasta Bolognese, which contains Aberdeen Angus mince, and cleverly disguised in the sauce are 5 different vegetables. Again, it smelt lovely, was easy to cook, and both children would happily have had seconds!

They weren't so sure about the Chicken with vegetables and Giant Couscous. I think this may have been a tasty difference too far for the tots, as they had never eaten couscous before, and to be fair I'm not the biggest fan of it myself! They did however search out the chicken from the dish. They weren't too keen on the Chicken and Butternut Squash pie either, again I do think this is because it was something very different which neither had eaten before.

The great thing about all the range was that the meals actually looked home cooked. You can easily tell what is in them from a glance, whereas in my experience with Children's ready meals this is not always the case. Some are pureed to the point where they could be eating anything, but with the Little Dish food they just looked like mini versions of adult foods. This is obviously a good way of trying to introduce eating more normal food stuffs to them.

For Parents in a hurry, Little Dish, available from branches of Tesco and Waitrose, will be a tough range to beat.

To view the whole range, visit the Little Dish website, where you'll also find some great recipes and links to other parenting sites.

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