Thursday, 28 January 2010

Serif Scrapbook Artist

Gadget Dad has been having a go at Digital Scrapbook Artist by Serif.

Digital Scrapbook Artist is marketed as a
way of keeping and improving the look of digital photo albums. Instead of a standard hard copy with jpg files, the programme allows the user to create whole projects around their photos, with embellishments, editing tools and fine detailing.

It is easy to install, and took just a few minutes before it was ready. It has a very useful help section for the novice.

The software also uses HD quality, at 300 dpi, meaning that even the smallest detail is visible.

There are many different crafting tools to achieve different effects, from decorative scissoring for edges, to stitches with thread that looks real, if its something you can find in a craft shop, you'll find its Digital Version here.

Older kids will love how they can put glitter and scraps of pict
ures from the library available on the "pages" of the scrapbook. I could see children using this to make and print out gifts for friends, or as a resource for Holiday diaries as homework pieces.

You can use text too, as a great way of keeping track of dates, and places when and where the picture was taken.
Red eye on the photo? Speck of dust on the lens? Not a problem, as the handy photo editing tools make perfect pictures easy to achieve.

To make it even easier, its possible to email the finished
scrapbook, straight from the software, or export it as a PDF file.

At 29.99, its a reasonably priced way of making digital photo album, and would make a nice gift for anyone into art and craft projects or photography.

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