Thursday, 25 February 2010

Aveeno Range

20SomethingMum and her careworn hands have been testing Aveeno moisturisers to find out whether they can soften her skin, so did they manage it?

When I received the two items from the Aveeno range, the first thing I did was read the back of the product, as always. I was looking to see if all the typical buzz words were present, but was surprised to discover that the brand is made by Johnson and Johnson, a ridiculously well known brand name.  It surprised me that it wasn't more clearly highlighted on the bottle to attract the buyer.

There is the added hardship for the range that if the buyer sees that it is made by such a well respected brand as Johnsons, then of course the consumer will expect the items to be as great for their skin as Johnsons products are for their babies. Its a high level to reach.

That said, the products we tested, a Hand Cream and a Moisturising Oil were great products regardless of the Johnsons label, and the entire range contains only natural ingredients, which appears to be widespread in all moisturisers at the moment. 

I preferred the hand cream to the oil- I found the oil was, well, too oily and runny, and the cream left my hands soft, with a limited amount of fuss and rubbing it absorbed into my skin. It claims to work for 24 hours regardless of washing your hands, and I agree that my hands, since using every morning for nearly a fortnight, are softer.

The oil was best used after a bath or shower when I had more time to really get to work on the rest of my skin. As the name suggests, as an oil it is runny and I would say a little goes a long way.

Aveeno, like its more recognisable Johnsons brand mates, is very competitively priced and widely available from supermarkets and Chemists.

A good all rounder Moisturiser that works but doesn't cost a packet.

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