Thursday, 18 February 2010

Baby Boom Boom Nursery Rhyme CD (English to French)

There has been some strange singing coming from Big Tot recently, nursery rhymes, but not as we know them. Baby Boom Boom's English to French CD might just be the cause........

Baby Boom Boom are available online from Amazon and cost 9.99. They are also available in other languages such as Spainish, Polish and Italian.

The idea of Baby Boom Boom is to teach younger children foreign languages in a fun way, as at a younger age they are more susceptible to learning. I have been teaching Big Tot some very basic French remembered from school, so this was a great way of teaching her further.

Many younger children love to sing, and are encouraged to learn the words of their favourite songs whilst at Playschool and Toddler groups, so the premise of Baby Boom Boom, to sing in French is a great idea. Big Tot has had this on in place of her usual bedtime nursery rhyme CD, and has enjoyed it immensely.

The CD has two voices a male who says and sings in English first, and then a female voice which repeats everything in French afterwards. There are 11 well loved and known nursery rhymes, from Old MacDonald to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

We have found that after getting up, Big Tot has naturally started singing in French- not perfectly pronounced, but understandable. She does miss some words out, its a bit "pigeon" French, but has impressed Gadget Dad who knows only how to say Hello and croissant with how much she has gained in a shot space of time.

The great thing is that as the CD isn't dictating when to repeat a phrase, the child naturally just listens a few times before picking the song up, which is definitely the fun element.

Don't worry parents- for those of you like Gadget Dad there is a handy song sheet inside the cover of the CD with the words clearly printed in French and English!

Her favourite song is without doubt 5 Little Ducks, which she now knows near on off by heart in both French and English. She has even asked for the CD several times in place of watching kids TV- not something that happens very often.

The Family Panel highly recommend this CD, its something they wont grow bored of quickly, its not over priced, and a great way of giving your Little Sponge a valuable early educational boost.

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