Sunday, 14 February 2010

Breville Hot Cup Kettle

Gadget Dad is often out in the kitchen, making cups of tea for 20somethingmum, and usually he isn't keen. But this week he's been testing a gadget kettle from well known kitchen brand, Breville.

When this kettle arrived, priced at 59.99, my first thoughts were why was it so expensive? To me, a kettles looks don't matter, as long as it boils water for a brew!

So when it was thrust onto me to test, I actually thought it was a coffee machine of some sort. I am used to upright, white plastic kettles in the traditional sense.

The Breville Hot Cup is square, with a drip tray to the front, a nozzle to release the water, and lights up with a neon blue glow when switched on. It's easy to fill up, with clear levels on the side. Its also easy to clean as it comes apart simply, so the area around were the flex is connected stays well away from harm.

When making a cup of tea or coffee, you can make only one cup at a time, which I thought was going to be a nuisance. Its bad enough waiting for a kettle to boil for several cups!

The genius element of this kettle though is that, even if you have just filled it up with cold water, it takes just 40 seconds to boil and fill your cup. Baffling! You literally put water in, slide the dial to your required cup size (so it doesn't overflow on smaller cups) place your cup under the nozzle on the drip tray, and with a touch of the button, it fills your cup up.

Its also very quiet, and doesn't get hot on the sides either, another good safety feature- you don't have to pick it up when its boiled, so no chance of scalding accidents.

I think this is a perfect gadget for parents, I have on occasions been indoors with both the tots and have wanted a drink, but know that the two or three minutes it takes to boil my classic kettle is too long to leave them alone. With this, its quick and effortless. 

I honestly thought that because it was so quick, the drink would only be lukewarm, but if anything its hotter than my old style kettle.

Its not cheap, as it is a new gadget and as is the norm they do go down in price when competitors bring out copycat versions, but this is a stylish gadget for any modern kitchen, and personally I can see it being the end of the old style favourite upright kettle.
A Family Panel Recommended product, without doubt!


  1. sounds an impressive kettle and useful in saving energy tracey1972 twitter

  2. That wd be handy for my crew as we do luv our brew