Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bright Minds Toys

The Tot Testers love toys, just not in the traditional sense of playing nicely. So when Bright Minds sent them each a toy to try, were there tears and tantrums before bedtime.......?

First up was the toy for Big Tot, called the Pretty Purse Fill and Spill. Recently, 20somethingmum has had to hide her purse and handbag away from Big Tot, as she is always pinching things out of it. With this simple toy, she now has her own child's version of a handbag and contents to play with. Even though the toy was aimed at a younger child, she loved taking out the mobile phone and pretending to answer it, and putting the money in the little matching purse too. As for the vanity mirror, well, that has gone everywhere with our juniour girlie! 

Made from soft and safe material, with no sharp edges, this is a delightful toy which certainly encouraged role play in Big Tot, and had the added bonus of being safe for her to play with around Little Tot, as none of the parts were small enough for him to choke on. He has become quite fond of the plastic keys himself!

Speaking of Little Tot, he has a new Fave toy in the Patrick Dashboard toy. This again is soft, and eyecatchingly colourful. Its incredibly simple for a child to operate, and brought many a smile after he learned that placing the "key" in the "ignition" made the toy light and play songs.

He loved making his own brrmmm brrmmm noise too, and this has become a new top of the toy box edition. It can also be take on the road with the handy straps which were supplied. 

With both of these toys (priced 19.99 and 24.99), the toy was abreeze to remove from the packaging, something which many without children will think is nothing to show concern for, but those of us with young children will know that when a new toy is waiting to be played with every second of tags and swags removal ups the tantrum threshold! 

The company itself has been running since 2000, and has won an impressive 5 National Mail Order awards.
For parents who want to invest in toys that don't end at fun but can teach a child something (and make learning enjoyable) this is a site you should bookmark. They offer national and overseas delivery right to your door too, so no more trudging round endless stores with lots of bags! With toys from birth onwards these are well made, long lasting toys which will become popular with even the most hard to please child.

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