Monday, 15 February 2010

Brolly Sheets

Big Tot is in her big girl bed, but as most parents know little night time leaks can cause havoc to a peaceful nights sleep. We have been trying Brolly Sheets to see how they fair......

The transition from rubber-coated cot mattress to bed is never simple for any parent or child- will they like it, will they fall out, and what happens when they start going without the nappy?

There are many new versions of pyjama pants on the market, but not all children, especially those who are for 99% of the time dry, are willing to wear these, especially if they have friends staying over.

Big Tot is still wearing her nappy at night, but the occasional leak means she has to have something to protect the mattress from a soaking.

Until recently we had a plastic sheet, the kind of which I'm sure alot of parents remember from their childhoods. The problem is that these are slippery, uncomfortable to liable to tear easily. They are also a bit embarrassing for an older child to have, and don't give the protection a mattress needs.

That's where Brolly Sheets come in.

Designed to look like normal sheets, they come in a range of colours, and easily disappear under the normal base sheet so older kids don't have to be embarrassed if friends come to visit. They have two thinner pieces of material either side, which folds discreetly under the mattress if required, or look like a half valance if not.

The middle section is the width of a standard sized single mattress, and is thicker than the counter panes to the side. To the top, its a soft cotton material, eradicating the slips and tears of the hospital alike thin plastic sheet. Its breathable too. 

On the base, its padded and fully waterproof, giving just the level of protection against damage to the mattress itself. Its also fully machine washable, so can be refreshed quickly and simply, and as any parent will know this is a feature which is essential.

We have had this on the bed now for some time, and instead of having to remake the bed as before every morning, we simply pull up the duvet and done! 

They can be purchased from the Brolly Sheet website, and bought in single packs, priced at 29.95 for single beds, and 39.95 for a large size. Other combination's are also available.

Brolly Sheets are a great item, which will help in the dry at night process and limit the worry of mattresses being ruined.

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