Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Child Of Funk Clothing

The Tot Testers have been trying out some alternative kids clothing from on line retailer Child Of Funk. So what did they think?

Child of Funk is an emerging internet shop, which may not be as well known as others, but in our view it should be. Owned by a parent who say the reason they set up the website was because they had spent 9 years trying to find alternative kids clothing and shoes, they now set their sights on importing urban clothing from as far as the USA and Australia.

This site caters for babies to age 5, and contains alternative items with a capital A, and most of the items can only be bought in the UK from the website itself.

Big Tot was sent a funky100% cotton hat, again only available from the UK, fresh from the US. 

The hat is very well made, and is a break from the usual  baseball caps in normal pink and bear prints. The make, namely Cade Christian, was not one I'd heard of previously. 

This is one of the few predominantly sugar pink items available, and had excellent stitching in vibrant cotton colours, the pattern of flowers in an off centre position added to the style. Its listed as being a military shape, and gives good sun protection to the neck. Its also to fit a toddler to age 5, so there is lots of life in the item. Big Tot loved this hat, and wore it around the house and to playschool, its a hat that definitely sticks out from the norm.

Little Tot was sent another US import, a pair of slip on shoes by Sweetshoes. Again these are not like your usual plain blue boys shoes, these would be loved in a bigger version by any self respecting Skate Boarder or cool Emo kid. 
As with the site as a whole,these were reasonably priced at under twenty pounds, and very well made, these would make a great gift for any modern alternative parents.

Theres also a handy  gift section, which contains everything from Leopard print blankets to Mutant Dolls too.

Overall, we love the site,  the funky names, tutus, and our favourite item (one which may just be being ordered in time for Big Tots birthday) is a simple long T-Shirt dress with a twist of the companies trademark funky styling. We urge you to hurry over and bookmark this well priced, well stocked clothing company.

Child of Funk has the Family Panel seal of approval.

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