Sunday, 7 February 2010

Green and Blacks Chocolate Range

20SomethingMum has been very pleased with our local postie after he delivered a bunch of luxury chocolate for her to sample......

When Green and Blacks asked a group of us Mummies if we'd like to try a selection of their chocolate, I'm surprised the server at British Mummy Bloggers didn't explode!

Now, I am a chocolate lover, I can tell the difference between one brand from another. I prefer the smoother taste of Galaxy chocolate to Cadbury, and I also love a good slab of dark chocolate too.

Green and Blacks always looked to me to be very expensive, as it is always on a lower section of shelving in my local shops. However, when I tried some of their chocolate, I can see why they are a slightly more expensive luxury brand.

My favorite of the bars was without doubt the Butterscotch. I have never had chocolate that contained butterscotch before, but I will be more than happy to again! The chocolate is velvety, and you can taste the milkiness of it, rather tahn the chemically taste that always puts me off Cadburys.

The White chocolate was a revelation- I'm not usually a fan as I find it too sickly, but the piece which I managed to snaffle away from Big Tots grasp was a taste I'd never expect from white chocolate.

The Milk Chocolate was really smoothly textured, with a satisfying meltiness to it, I find the problem with some varieties of chocolate is that it lasts only a brief few seconds on the tongue before it melts away, whereas the quality of the Green and Blacks shone through and didn't leave a strong, gritty aftertaste.

With all the chocolate, I found it satisfyingly, rather than overly sweet, with some varieties I find that the after taste is sometimes unpleasant and the sugar content hurts your teeth and blinds the taste of chocolate completely.

They are all now Fairtrade, and made with organically grown cocoa beans, which I would say accounts for the non-chemical taste.

I wasn't as keen on the Dark varieties. Like the rest of the versions it is soft and smooth with a gorgeous chocolate scent, but it was just very strong and I could only manage a chunk of each- it was headache inducing!

Green and Blacks chocolate, especially the Butterscotch, will definitely be a welcome edition to the weekend shopping list. Yum!

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