Saturday, 27 February 2010

Guest Review: Panda Licorice

In her second outing as Guest Reviewer, we asked Becky from the excellent blog Baby Budgeting to try out old and new flavours from the popular Panda Licorice range. Over to Becky and family......

Panda Licorice  uses only natural ingredients and are suitable for vegetarians and that is what I like to hear! (It makes me feel eating sweet treats is almost virtuous!)

The new cherry flavoured licorice sent for us to trial was smooth and looked great…my husband thought it tasted a bit like Christmas cake and thought it was okay. 

There was something medicinal tasting about it according to my mum and I and several friends just thought it was bit odd. A new flavour to us and a bit unusual? We really weren’t sure.

The natural flavoured licorice teddies were scrummy however and liked by everyone. They had a strong, lovely flavour and were smooth. My kids won’t eat licorice but every visitor we had declared them yummy and they didn’t last very long at all!

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