Saturday, 6 February 2010

Miamoo Baby Products

Those pair of scruffs better known as The Tot Testers have been splashing about and generally rubbing on some of the Miamoo range of baby products, so where they popular or did they induce moans all round.....?

When you say the name Saira Khan, the first thing that pops into the head is The Apprentice, a ballsy go getter who came second on the show.

Well, as well as being the ballsy entrepreneur, she's also a Mum who has suffered from sensitive skin from a young age too.

So, with that in mind she has helped to create a range of luxury baby products called the Miamoo range (named after her young niece).

The range has great names, rather than the standard "baby bath", we have "Splashy Wash". And baby wipes are replaced with a great "Spritz and Wipe" spray which can be used with limited mess and fuss with cotton wool.

The range is free of chemicals, and Saira has put this down to research which says a babies skin is 5 times thinner than an adults.  The ingredients are straight from the garden- including lavender (which seems to be a buzz product in baby washes at the moment), lemon oil and even marshmallow extract- now that's something I don't recall seeing in other baby products!

When you have a child  like Big Tot who has quite sensitive skin (inherited from her Mum), using a new product is always a bit of a dabble with failure. The products we used, The Splashy Wash and the Huggy Lotion from the range have not caused any skin irritation, and Big Tot has no problem with slapping it all over in the bath!

Its also marketed as being for use by parents too, and the sizes of the product are great, a little goes a long way so you wont need half a bottle to wash one arm! The Splashy Wash, which makes great bubbles too in the bath, has a great gentle smell which is none to over powering. I slapped a little on the sponge and washed the whole of Big Tots body in one go.

The range is available online at, and from branches of John Lewis and Waitrose too. It costs seven pounds for a 200ml bottle, which is obviously considerably more expensive than better known brands, but if you do have a child with sensitive skin it may be worth splashing out on.

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