Friday, 5 February 2010

Moccis Slipper Socks

Little Tot and his little feet have been feeling a little cosier of late, thanks to Moccis slipper socks.

Keeping slippers, or shoes in general on a toddler is not easy- they either pull them off, or they fall off, and often get lost under chairs or behind cushions. With the cold weather in winter though, slippers are an essential for any child or adult.

The slippers from Moccis come in different patterns and sizes, and are available for adults too. They are washable which is a must with children, and are as thick as a pair of hiking socks.

Little Tot and his shaky walking moves were not disturbed by the non slip soles, even on the tiles of the hallway. Obviously, the person responsible for these knows how important safety is with slippers- I have bought normal shoe like slippers before and had to ditch them due to them being a unsafe on shinier surfaces.

The company also sent a pair for adults and my they are comfy, and not too bulky- I wore mine inside my Uggs and in bed, as they double up as bed socks too!

These are a great little product, well made and don't slip off every ten seconds, so wont be consigned to the cupboard after a day!

At £18, the price will put some parents off, but to me I feel they are worth the price as they can be worn and washed many times, and have the added bonus of being hand made rather than mass produced.

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