Friday, 19 February 2010

Tristel Home Cleaning Products

20SomethingMum has been trying out some of the Tristel range of home cleaning products, so have they left the Family Panel homestead sparkling clean? Well read on to find out......

Tristel was not a brand I'd heard about before before we were sent two of their range. They are safe to use on hard surfaces, and specifically target Parents. Its often hard to know which products are safe to use when cleaning surfaces that your children will come into contact with. In our case, Little Tot is teething so finds that the desk is great to chew on. But not many of the leading brands state whether or not there is a risk of product transfer from a surface or toy that has been wiped with their cleaners.

Tristel reassures that their range is free of chemicals that transfer. They are also clinically proven to kill all spores, including C Diff, tuberculosis, viruses, fugi and bacteria (including MRSA)- thats quite some list and covers all the bases!

The Tristel Protect Foam also has a great lid design, which stops inquisitive children from opening it whilst you clean their highchair.  

Its incredibly easy to use, doesn't smell nasty, and even gives you a great tip about cleaning for 30 seconds at least as this is the method which hospitals use to fight infection. It left the desktop lovely and clean, even removing felt tip pen marks which had been there a while.

We loved the Protect wipes. These are in a packet just like baby wipes, are quick to have hand in event of a spill, and are huge in size! They contain just enough cleaning fluid to remove dirt, but not so much that the area needs towelling down after. 

Again, these are safe to use on items used by children. We tried them out on everything- from glass to toys and trainers too, and all were left lovely and clean, with no residue or damage to the item being cleaned. The windows in our conservatory door were even left smear and streak free, we didn't even need to buff them after.

One thing I would say is that if you suffer from sensitive skin, it might be wisest to try them out on a small area first to make sure they don't upset the skin on your hands.

Considering how effective these cleaners are, one would usually expect them to smell appallingly bad or to make your eyes water, but not so, they have no smell at all (which worries the user at first until you see what they can do!) , and there's no need for a gqas mask either!

The Family Panel are happy to recommend these great, family friendly and easy to use products, well done Tristel.

The Tristel range can be purchased from

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