Saturday, 13 February 2010

GUEST REVIEW Ultimate Unwind Relaxation CD

With another of our Guest Reviews, here's Hayley Glenister, of the blog Single Motherhood Challenges 
with her opinion of The Ultimate Unwind Relaxation CD from,
Hayley, it's over to you!

As a guest reviewer I have had the wonderfully relaxing opportunity of reviewing the Ultimate Unwind relaxation CD from A very difficult task relaxing is I'm sure you can understand! Space to be was set up by Carla Miller, and provides provides various services from MP3's and CDs to life coaching. I may just try their "Single and Fabulous" MP3 next! Their relaxation CDs have even been recommended in publications such as Health and Fitness magazine

Now onto the CD itself, recorded by the leading hypnotherapist Georgia Foster and lasting 25 minutes which is perfect for busy mums who don't have much time to spare for relaxation!

I first listened to this one morning and it was so effective that I cant even remember what it was like in all honesty! I have always been relatively skeptical about hypnotherapy but this CD was wonderful. Georgia's voice is perfect, initially I thought it was a bit too harsh but after a while it suddenly sent me drifting off, I was amazed. 

You are encouraged to drift away to the sounds of peaceful music and harmonious birdsong, Georgia voice is very monotone which allows you to focus easily and not become distracted by her voice. The words encourage you to feel good about yourself and to think about what you like. 

It doesn't feel like "brainwashing" as some people believe hypnotherapy is, it gives you free choice and allows your mind to relax as much as you wish to with the aid of a calming encouraging voice. Visualizations help relax your mind if you are someone that struggles to switch off, like myself. It encourages self doubt to be in the past and to let it go and to become more confident and relax.

Overall I found this a wonderful CD to listen to. I found it incredibly relaxing and every time I listened to it I picked up on something I had missed before. Extremely positive and in many ways confidence boosting. Left me with a relaxed feel good mood!

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