Saturday, 13 February 2010

Zoggs Swimming Toys

The Tot Testers need lots of persuading to get in the bath, but swimming is a doddle. So what did they think of some of the range of swimming aids and toys from the Zoggs range?

As a family, we love to go to our local leisure centre, and Big Tot is quite confident in the water, Little Tot isn't so sure yet, and although he'll get in, he's not all that bothered by it! 

The Zoggs 1,2,3 range is designed to help parents teach their kids safely how to swim. Whereas when I learnt to swim the most a parent could give you was a half eaten float borrowed from the pool, or a pair of arm bands, Zoggs has created an ingenious dual purpose set of toys.

The toys come in a great range of colours and are certainly more interesting to kids. They are in the shape of cartoonesque  characters, like seals, sharks (which don't look scary!) and turtles.

The dual purpose is that they also make great bath toys. So if you don't live near enough to a pool to use them regularly, but have a child who is perhaps not a fan of bath time, these will certainly tempt them in!

The version that the Tots liked was the Super Squirters. These little critters easily fill up with a small amount of water and then spray out with a squeeze in a gentle spray. Neither of the Tots found it hard to refill and squeeze them, and again they worked just as well in the pool as in the bath.

Little Tot loved the Seal Sticks. These are cleverly designed to encourage an older child to put their head under the water, to see what colour stick you are holding. However, Little Tot found these great to chew on, happily sucking away. They took this well, with no evidence of colour transfer or chunks being chewed out and swallowed.

Another item specifically for use in the pool, but which found another use was the Goggles we were sent. Big Tot hates when she has her long hair rinsed in the bath, but happily sat still to have this done- whilst wearing the goggles! It was even her idea, as she told us she was "going diving" in the bath!

The arm bands, which are easy to inflate and when deflated roll away for easy storage, where hardy. Both children wanted to try them as soon as they came out of the box, and a few teddies and dollies have worn them too. They are well made and sturdy enough not to pop though however hard they are handled. They also didn't have any sharp seams- I do recall as a child that my old arm bands used to dig in and leave red marks if they were blown up correctly, or fall off if they weren't.

The items we tried are very well made, and even when the toys are left in water overnight they didn't fade or rip. 

We have been very impressed with the Zoggs range, and will certainly be using them on all our trips to the pool.

Zoggs are available from Leisure Centres, Sports shops and online at

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