Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Charlie and Lola Bath Set

Big Tot loves to learn, and has been trying out an innovative pre-school learning toy from BBC Worlwide.

Big Tot loved the Charlie and Lola drawing on the satchel even before she realised that there were lots of rubber letters inside it.

The bag is washable, and comes with crayons that are suitable for use not just to colour the pictures in, but also are safe to use in the bath on the child too!

And we can vouch for their washability- Big Tot decided to give us the opportunity to try out this claim by colouring great big red and blue stripes all over our sofa cushions! And yes, all came out after a good 40 degree wash! They also remove themselves from skin with a bit of soap and water.

The letters are great too. They come in all different colours, and are in soft, safe bendy rubber. She loved taking them out and arranging them in matching letters, or asking us to tell her what letter was what. They definitely spark the interest of the pre-schooler, and come in the same recognisable font used in the TV series and books.

One thing I would say, is that this is not a toy suited to a child aged under 18 months- Little Tot got quite over zealous trying to soothe his teething gums by biting them , and the letters, being made of rubber, did not withstand this harsh treatment, so not a toy I'd recommend to anyone with fellow teething Tot.

The fact you can wash and re colour the bag lowers the boredom factor, as once they have coloured it to the point of no space being left, its easy to chuck in with the washing and let the child start again.

A great toy for Learners, that they will love firstly due to the Charlie and Lola link, then the chance to be naughty by colouring it and themselves in a variety ofd bright hues, and the letters which just spark their sponge like brains leaning lobes!

Well done BBC Worldwide.

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