Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Clarisonic Face and Body Cleansing System

Always willing to try the latest must haves, 20somethingmum has been brushing away. But not at her teeth! She's been trying the Clarisonic Face and Body brush. So what did she think.

The day this gadget arrived in the post, I was baffled. It was not what I was expecting at all. If you haven't seen a Clarisonic, it honestly looks like a Giants Electric Toothbrush. Really.

It is made using the same technology as the the Sonicare Toothbrush, so hardly surprising I thought it looked like one!.

The Clarisonic is used by Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cameron Diaz, both women who have been remarked upon for their youthful looks and for keeping signs of aging at bay.

So what did it feel like?

You think it will be uncomfortable, but not at all. The brushes are soft, and even at top speed it feels more like some is running a smooth hand down the skin rather than a brush whizzing over it. 

It comes complete with some gorgeous luxury cleansers and a body polish, it makes you feel so clean and the skin brighter than just cleansing and moisturising by hand.

This is none too surprising, as it boasts (and is recommended by Dermatologists) that it can lessen the appearance of fine lines, and removes 6 times more make up than make up remover. So my make up induced spot break outs have been a eradicated by this clever gadget.

It also is supplied with a charger, so no fiddling about with batteries, and no chance of using it with batteries which are running out of power and not benefiting from the full effects.

Its quite cumbersome, but lightweight, and they do come in different styles for the aesthetic conscious. Mine was in serviceable white, but I have seen them in pink and blue amongst others.

The one thing I would say, and apologies if I make anyone blush. Without the brush head on the top, this may be prone to be mistaken as a vibrating aid of a different kind. And I wouldn't let the children run off with it either- Big Tot thought it was a hair brush. 

Its none too cheap either. Priced at between 150-175 pounds and with it also needing replacement brush heads too, as well as cleansers, it is something which will all add to the overall running cost, especially when you can buy a bottle of moisturiser, cleanser and some old fashioned cotton wool for under a fiver. So maybe not for everyone, but, it does work really well, is soft and amazing!

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