Thursday, 4 March 2010

Guest Review: Organix Baby Food Range

The lovey Mellow Mummy has been kind enough to take part in another of our Guest Review spots, and this time her daughter has been trying out some of the Organix Baby Food Range. So what did our Special Tot Tester think?

My daughter is 8 months old and is a very adventurous eater. She has been trying out the new products in the Organix baby food range.

First off, she tried the new “Breakfast and Lunch” fruit pots suitable for Stage 1 weaning onwards. This is a set of pairs of pots where one is a milky fruit purée mixed with cereal (the breakfast pot) and the second is a pure fruit purée (the lunch pot). She wolfed down both of them and begged for more! These pots make a great addition to a lunch box, or a quick snack in the afternoon.

Later in the week, she tried two of their range of Stage 2 breakfast cereals: A 'Banana and Raisin Oat Porridge' and a 'Seven Grain Cereal'. We were both impressed by the cereals, not only by the fact that they contain only organic cereals (unlike many baby cereals which add weird stuff, the only added ingredient is Thiamin to provide vitamin B1); but also by the texture. The combination of oats and small balls of puffed rice mean that the cereals have a great range of textures for your baby to try out – so much more adventurous than any other baby cereals we've tried. Organix make a large range of baby cereals including two new Stage 1 cereals, one of which is gluten-free.

Finally, she tried out two of the new range of Stage 3 savoury pots. The pots are quite large, so suitable for babies of around 10 months upwards, with a bigger appetite. The flavours sound tempting, much like the food I would cook myself: for example, Moroccan lamb tagine with cous cous, or Thai coconut chicken with wholegrain rice. 

When I looked at the ingredients I found that both pots contained very similar things, steamed organic vegetables and a small amount of meat. There was nothing on the list which I wouldn't have added myself – a good sign.

My daughter wasn't enamoured by the pots of food but she did eat them without any fuss:- perhaps, like me, she found the smell and flavour of processed carrot and red pepper to be a little overpowering. She also found the 'chunky' texture to be a bit disappointing, my daughter is used to much bigger chunks these days, but 

I'm sure that there are others of her age who would still find these pots a challenge. 

I view these savoury pots a useful food to have in my store cupboard for when I have no time to cook, fancy a takeaway myself or when we're out and about and need something quick and compact for lunch.

You can find out more about the new additions to the Organix range at .

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