Tuesday, 9 March 2010

NEW Family Friendly Ranges at Boots

The Family Panel love a good walk in their local Park, but what they don't like is the bugs that fly at them on mass! And poor old Gadget Dad is getting on a bit, and poor 20SomethingMum is tired out looking after the Tot Testers, so what can they do to ease these issues? Boots told us they have the answer!

From creaking bones, to coughs and colds, and the odd bottle of bubble bath, Boots is one of the leading High Street brands for shoppers pamper and health care needs. Its sign is instantly recognisable to generations, and The Family Panel are happy to preview some Boots own brand products soon to hit High Streets everywhere, as well as their NHS approved WebMD website.

From this week, shoppers can combat the nasty bug invasion that is sure to be just around the corner now Spring is upon us.

Boots Repel Once Spray (8.99) and Repel Once Lotion (8.49) in Tropical Strength are two handy to have items that insects will hate, and they last up to 8 hours too! 

Safe to use on the whole family, the spray works in seconds and is easy to apply, and quick too- always handy with wriggling tots! 

The Lotion is in a handy size tube which fits in any handbag or nappy bag for an instant guard against bugs of all kinds. 

They don't smell appallingly bad either- something I was expecting and manage to stop those "fly round the picnic" or screaming child incidents that can ruin a great day out, and are sweat and splash (although not water) resistant, so don't need to be constantly reapplied on a hot day.

Its also worth adding them to your must have foreign travel kit- some bites out in certain far flung destinations can lead to a lot worse than just an unpleasant bite, so guard yourself easily with the help of Repel Once.

For those worried about chemicals,  Boots also sell the same great spray and lotion in a Natural Citrepel version too.

Next for all tired Mums or older people out there, Boots will be launching a new range of high and super strength vitamin supplements from 29th March.

There's something for everyone (and handy advice from their trained store advisors) at reasonable prices that will leave an extra spring in the step!

Choose from High Strength Co QH (17.99 for 30 tablets), a natural Antioxidant which helps the body absorb energy from food to keep you active without the need for upteen cups of coffee! Co QH is naturally sourced too!

Or for those of you like Gadget Dad who hate swallowing tablets however small they are, try Super Strength Effervescent Co QH (12.99 for 20 tablets), which dissolves in water and means it can be quickly absorbed by the body to really get those energy levels soaring.

If you're feeling a little peaky after such a long cold winter and feel your immune system has taken a beating, give it a perk up with the double effect of high strength Beta-Glucan and Vitamin C (19.95 for 30 tablets). Both of these are proven to boost even the most flagging of post winter immune systems, meaning you can get on with enjoying a happy and healthy Summer, without worrying about your bodies ability to fight colds and bugs.

Boots is a company you can trust to give great advice, and service with a smile- they were recently praised by professionals from the NHS and The British Medical Journal- more can be found at Boots WebMD a handy website to remember. New research from Mumsnet shows that 51% of Mums don't think about their child's health until they become ill, and 87% now go online for health information.

That's why Boots have a dedicated website containing handy information and advice for parents on their WebMD site, which you can find at The Children's and Parenting Health Centre.

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