Sunday, 28 March 2010

Retardex Oral Hygiene Range

Gadget Dad and 20SomethingMum both have to keep on top of teeth, Gadget Dad is a naughty smoker and drinker of red wine, and 20SomethingMum says she would collapse if it wasn't for coffee! They've tried plenty of whitening toothpastes and products before, but how did Retardex's range of Toothpaste and mouthwash do?

The Coffee Test.

First up, 7 cup a day instant coffee drinker 20SomethingMum gave the toothpaste and moithwash a go for a fortnight.

Although I regularly go to my dentist who always gives my teeth a good polish, it doesn't take long before the coffee and chocolate that I love take their toll on my teeth. I have tried so many different pastes which have promised to whiten teeth, improve my gums, and every other promise there is, with very limited success.

The problem with a lot of modern products is they are completely overpowering- you almost don't want to clean your teeth for the rquired time because the taste can be so revolting, and as for the foam, you find yourself spitting out enough to make a vet confuse you with a rabid dog! And mouthwashes can be nasty if you have sensitive teeth, mainly due to them overdosing on mint.

With Retardex, its flavour free. They literally put all the effort into the product actually cleaning the teeth and keeping them strong and healthy, and not on making it taste like sweets. I was a little concerned that both the products would, in that case, taste revolting, like the mouthwash at the dentist. 

But, happily, no, they don't taste overpowering, they don't taste chemically either. 

With the mouthwash, they supply a sachet of minty flavouring, but I didn't need it. The mouthwash tastes like water, it's not unpleasant.

The toothpaste doesn't foam at all, but it does disolve. You find it a lot simpler a process to actually clean your teeth because the taste doesn't get to that "I must spit it out" stage, and it doesn't end up running down your chin either!

I do think because of this, you spend the right amount of time cleaning the teeth, and it shows. After only a few days of use, my teeth have been lighter than before, they aren't sparkly white just yet, but the coffee stains are going down, and I don't wake up with morning breath either!

The Nicotine Test

Gadget Dad has smoked for a number of years, and hates the dentist- he has to be persuaded to go as he hates the lecture on the affect of smoking on the teeth.

So, for someone who smokes, the last thing you want is ashtray smelling breath!

He also tried the Toothpaste, as well as the mouth spray, to see if he felt more breath confident.

The toothpaste, again worked wonders for the whiteness of my teeth. Just like 20SomethingMum they aren't completely stain free, but the years of nicotine on my teeth will take a while for even the most stringent of product to remove. I have noticed a freshness to my mouth which would fade over the day previously, and the nasty aftertaste is no longer an issue.

I also liked the handy sized Mouth Spray, and would recommend it to any smoker for confidence. It fits inside your jacket and is discreet. It doesn't make you choke with its taste or strength, but at the same time it eradicates smoke from your breath.

I would be more than happy to continue to use both.

A thumbs up then for Retardex.

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