Monday, 22 March 2010

simplehuman Soap Dispenser

Gadget Dad loves things that make life simpler, and has been trying out a special Soap Dispenser from simplehuman .

When you become a parent, you find that you need to wash your hands more and more. The easiest way to do so is a pump action soap bottle, but these can start to look dirty and old, and aren't the most attractive kitchen or bathroom sink accessory.

simplehuman, a company who sell all sorts of kitchen and bathroom items under the tag line "tools for efficient living" now have a range of sleek dispensers. But these are every lazy man's dream! 

How many times have you had something nasty in your hands, and have had to try and press a pump to get some much needed soap into them? It can be a nightmare. And it also means that germs can spread onto the pump, which can cause bacteria to thrive- and cause illness too.

Well, simplehuman have thought about this problem, and have brought us a sensor activated dispenser. 

You just have to place your hand in its range, and the gizmos inside spritz out just the right amount of soap.

Its easy to refill, and takes 237ml of any kind of soap or lotion, including Washing Up liquid. To make it work you need to place four AA batteries inside.

You can set it to deliver 4 different amounts of soap, and there is a handy LED light which lets you know when it has sensed your hand is near the sensor.

Its just idiot proof- and the kids will love washing their hands with the little buzz noise it makes!

Its a great size, and looks unassuming, although you will want to show it off to guests for the sheer novelty value.

At £29.99, it is quite expensive, but it is very stylish, and gadget lovers and those conscious of bugs will love this! It would make a great gift too.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent gadget ... if only the price tag was lower I would invest!