Thursday, 11 March 2010

Turtle Mat

Life with a buggy and two mud loving toddlers can be a pain for any Mum to deal with, and 20somethingmum is no different. Turtle Mat sent The Family Panel a doormat from their range to see if it could help combat muck.

I hadn't heard of Turtle Mat prior to receiving their "Heritage Stripe" doormat to try. I had been meaning to get something to stop the scuffs and mud from the Tot Testers double buggy transferring onto the carpet for some time, but found that standard sized doormats just weren't long enough.

The problem is that 75% of dirt on the normal household carpet is caused by outdoor shoes and boots, as well as buggies which have been wiped on a mat but still harbour unseen dirt and bacteria. And when you have, like we have, two children who love to play with toys on the carpet, and one of whom still crawls on occasion and puts toys from the floor in his mouth, this is obviously something to cause concern.

Turtle Mats are available from their website, and are slightly more expensive than your average Shop Bought doormat. But they do come in varying sizes, styles and are machine washable.

They have won industry awards for their dirt and water stopping capacity, and we found the wheels of the buggy were a lot less mucky after wheeling over it. To test the water trapping properties, I spilt a glass of water over it. First I tried little flecks of water, then I poured the whole glass all at once. You could see the fibres soaking up the water, and when I lifted it, the underneath of the rug and the floor were bone dry. I came back another ten minutes later, and even the rug itself was wet, the floor underneath still wasn't.

Another bonus is they are non-slip, so if you want a Doormat which will stop your laminate flooring from being scuffed, or to put on to tiled floors for kitchen or bathroom use (as they are marketed as multi-purpose), you can, and not have to worry about the Mat slipping under the feet and knocking you over!

There are cheaper mats on the market, and Turtle Mats themselves are available for some sites at a discounted price, so shop around for the best deal- but make it a Turtle Mat for peace of mind and cleaner carpets.

You can view the entire Turtle Mat range at their website

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  1. We bought a range of different mats, including Turtle Mats, when we had two dogs so it was easy to see how much better they were than ordinary mats. They're the only ones I still use now. I have a really long one coming in from the back door but it's still small enough to put in the machine to wash - definitely recommend them.