Sunday, 7 March 2010

VTech In The Night Garden Slide and Sing Book

Little Tot is a big fan of singing toys, he loves to make noise with them and dance in a tiny toddler way. So what did he think of V Techs tie in with In The Night Garden?

Big Tot has been a bit of a fan of the ever popular Night Garden, and has many of the toys available, of which there is every type you could think of. Little Tot, meanwhile, hasn't really caught on with any TV shows, or teddies, preferring to climb chairs and under sofas for a bit of daytime play. One thing he does like is toys which sing with little effort.

The V Tech Slide and Sing Nursery Book is of the type he loves to play with. It is easy to use, and simply requires the pre-schooler to open the book, before the narrator (who surprisingly is not voiced by  Derek Jacobi) tells them who is in the picture. The book is brightly coloured, and has the main characters raised on the page- when these are moved (which is simple for even the smallest hands to manage), they then make the noise they do on the show, and sing their theme song. It also has a light that children will recognise from the top of the Gazebo, which flashes on and off while the book is in use.

From a parents' perspective, the book is hardy- both the Tots dropped it from varying heights and it survived with no marks or damage. It has two noise settings, and an on/off switch too, and requires no parent help whatsoever, although the parent does have the option of reading to the child from the book too.

Its available from Amazon for 16.99, so compared to some of the other Night Garden singing toys its fairly cheap, it was loved by both ages of Tot Tester so a good Pre-school toy which will be loved by all fans of the programme or just of singing toys!

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