Monday, 15 March 2010

Guest Review: Totseat

 Back with another great review is Mellow Mummy, who has been trying out a Totseat at home- and all Family Panel readers can help themselves to a free 10% discount at thew Totseat website, see our Welcome page for more details

Behold! The Totseat travel high-chair – a little piece of genius. Little being the operative word. The Totseat is a fabric high-chair that claims to turn any chair into a high-chair. It folds up into its own little bag no larger than book: just slot it into your changing bag and you're away.

The Totseat is astonishingly easy to use. Within five minutes of its arrival, I had magically transformed one of our trendy bar stools into a high-chair.  Totseat isn't really designed for regular use on a Bar stool, as it needs a decent back on the chair, probably of about 30cm, but saying this it did work and my little girl say happily in it (I think it made her feel grown up!).  However, on a more traditional chair you can strap your little one in and be happy that they will stay put long enough to eat up.

I am constantly impressed by the practicality of the Totseat. When I pop out for lunch with my friends I no longer need to worry about whether a coffee shop or restaurant will have booster seats or high-chairs available. When we visit the grandparents, there is no need to lug a bulky plastic booster seat with us because my daughter can now sit quite happily at the dinner table on a normal seat thanks to the Totseat.

I have found the Totseat to be flexible and adaptable to all of the situations where I have needed it so far. There are a number of points where the seat can be adjusted using elastic, buttons and straps to fit different sizes and shapes of seat (and children!). This week I used the Totseat for a niece of mine who is just about old enough to sit at a restaurant table unaided – the Totseat gave us the extra confidence we needed but with the added bonus that she felt independent and unrestricted at the dinner table.

The Totseat comes in a range of bright colours with funky patterns (designed to camouflage the various splatters of food that will come its way!). Ordinarily I've found that it just needs a wipe clean after use but it is comforting to know that it is fully machine washable. The fabric is thick and hard-wearing so I am confident that it will last until my daughter can sit safely in a chair unaided, and perhaps also for future siblings.

The Totseat travel high-chair is great value for money at around £22

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