Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chocolate & Love Confectionary

20SomethingMum has been trying some luxury chocolate from the Chocolate & Love brand, so what did she think?

I don't mind Dark chocolate- I prefer milk to be honest, but some Dark is fine, especially if my usual faves are absent. The problem is that some Dark varieties can be so bitter that it makes eating tem almost impossible.

So, trying the Dark range made by Chocolate & Love, I expected the usual teeth hurting bitter taste.

But it was absent from this rich, soft chocolate, which I found a pleasure to test rather than a trial!

My favorite of the range I had the pleasure to try was the "Crushed Diamonds" bar, which contains crushed truffle and cocoa nibs. So decadent and tasty, I almost could have eaten it all in one go. You could taste the different parts, the chocolate was soft and complimented the truffle too.

I also liked the "Orange Mantra" and "Coffee Affair" varieties too- again the ingredients went hand in hand and complimented rather than over powered the chocolate.
I think the clever use of stronger flavours like the coffee and Orange, which in themselves can be quite bitter, toned the darkness of the chocolate and made it a pleasure to melt on the tongue. Its fruity, and it smells chocolaty rather than chemically, as with some chocolate bars.

The other great thing is that all the ingredients used are Organic, but that doesn't mean that the price is inflated. The bars cost a reasonable £2.90 each ( for 100g).

On the site, the company are happy to customise bars for you and also stock a wide range of different flavored chocolates (Chili, anyone?), as well as nougat and liquorice, and champagne Truffles. 

The site can be found at

I would recommend buying yourself a bar and trying it yourself!

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