Sunday, 18 April 2010

Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee Range

Both Gadget Dad and 20SomethingMum love nothing more than a cup of coffee to keep them going in the daytime, but having packed up the percolator when the Tots came along, is it possible to find a rich tasting, but reasonably priced instant? Well, Douwe Egberts think they have it!

We have tried many different brands of Instant over the years- after all, many parents of toddlers will say that its the only thing which stops them nodding off on a daily basis! But some can taste just plain awful,and taste nothing like our preferred versions of High Street Coffee shop offerings or freshly ground Percolator coffee.

However, as busy parents we don't have time to nip out for a quick Skinny Latte, or to fiddle with a machine indoors, so instant has to do!

We tried the Douwe Egberts range of Instant coffee, which can be picked up in the coffee aisle of your local supermarket, and is available in two sizes.

We preferred the Pure Smooth variety, which had a lovely gentle taste and which didn't knock your socks off with taste after only putting a heaped spoon in! I do think this is the closest you can get to perfect in a cup of instant coffee, it has a gorgeous aroma, and is easy to drink too.

We also tried the Pure Indulgence, which was slightly heavier, but still lacked that Charcoal taste which is present in many Supermarket coffees. The last of the range we tried was the Pure Gold, which, to be honest didn't taste much different to the Pure Smooth, and was yet again a pleasureable cup of coffee. 

These are the next best thing to expensive High Street coffees or fiddly coffee machines at home. They make a nice cup of coffee and contain just enough of a kick to keep you awake, but not enough to give you the jitters!

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