Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Glee Volume 1 DVD

20SomethingMum loves her US comedies, and Glee is no exception. So was the DVD of the first half of the first series a cheesy song too far?

I have been watching Glee since the first episodes aired on E4, purely because it had been so thoroughly hyped by them, and because a fair few of the American Mom Bloggers I follow on Twitter had raved about it for ages before it came here. 

Its not, however, in the same comedy pigeon hole as such well loved crossover shows like Friends or even as far back as Cheers. In fact, in places, its quite surreal. 

A cross between Grease and High School Musical is more like it with killer lines thrown in for good measure, its a bit like marmite- you either love this slice of escapism or find it so sweet it makes your teeth hurt.

Watching the four discs contained in the box set was no easy task, because as well as the episodes already shown on TV, there are lots of extras too. The die hard fan will love those- such as a chance to see Lea Michelle's full audition (which proves that this girl is not dubbed for the show at all, what an amazing voice!), other casting snippets, a Glee full length music video, cast video diaries, which are funny beyond belief, and a mock "Welcome to McKinley" video for new pupils, given by the sarcastic head.

My favorite extra though was the "Meet Jane Lynch" part- she plays such an awful character as Sue Sylvester (and hands up all those who had to put up with a PE teacher just like her at school)- its nice to see her as a genuine person!

This is a must for Glee lovers everywhere, you can't help but sing along to the versions of well known songs, and even Gadget Dad, who usually disappears from the TV room as soon as the show comes on found some of the characters lines funny enough to actually laugh out loud at them (I think he saw a little of his old lady killer at school self in Puck and his insistence that it wasn't his fault if girls fight over him!) Personally I love Rachel- as I was very starry myself at school, and can now see why some of my fellow peers found me so annoying!

Its funny, its camp, and silly and at times quite emotional too, Glee is something everyone can enjoy, and even those with the lowest humor threshold will love it.

The DVD is great and gets a well deserved Family Panel Thumbs Up.

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