Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The "Pourty" Potty

Big Tot is getting on a bit- she's fast approaching 3 but potty training has not been her favourite past time since it was first introduced over a year ago. So what did she think of the Pourty Potty? Did it mark the end of nappies, or was it same old story?.....

The Pourty, from a Parents view, and from the view of hygiene, is simple, but genius. Its one of those inventions you see on programmes like The Dragon's Den, and you slap your forehead and kick yourself for not thinking of it first! 

As any parent both new or old will testify, it can be unpleasant trying to empty the contents of a full potty without spilling it all over the place. You also have to clean the potty with water after and try and pour that away without spilling, which is near on impossible. And then you have to go to the trouble of mopping up mess a ridicuous amount of times a day, on top of the potty training- which in itself is never in the Top 10 list of parenting fun!

The Pourty has eliminated the problem. And its so obvious a way of solving the problem its a surprise this sort of potty hasn't been on the market for generations. 

Instead of the standard rounded shape of the back of the potty, it has a lip, the likes of which are used on a jug or gravy boat,  whereby you simply pour the contents cleanly and easily into the loo. It also has a handle cut into the front, which is smooth and finger friendly, keeping hands out the way too. 

It also appears more comfy to sit on, and is bigger than a standard potty. Big Tot, who is bigger in height than a standard toddler, certainly seemed to find it much more appealing than her much hated old potty, and a child who flatly refused to use a potty for a year, save for a few times which could be counted on one hand, has now been using her potty non stop- and proclaiming it to be "comfy".

The Pourty has a back rest (split in half by the pouring bit), and a higher front guard- and seeing Little Tot, who likes to copy his sister, trying to pee on both the old potty and the Pourty, I can see why this is also a handy addition to stopping boy related accidents on flooring!

Its easy to tell that this product was the brainchild of two parents, who have now started potty training their third child- so they have experience at the frustration potty training can bring!

The Pourty is available in Blue, Pink or Cream, and costs £9.99- yes thats slightly higher than the old style potty, but its worth every penny for parents who, like us, where frustrated with potty training. It can be purchased both at major online retailers and small outlets too. 

A simple, but effective product, we are happy to give the Pourty a Family Panel Thumbs Up!

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