Thursday, 1 April 2010

Salter Scales Range

20SomethingMum and one of the Tots Aunties have been trying out two different kinds of Electronic scales from Salter. Firstly we have the 25ml Electronic Kitchen scales, and then the MiBody Analyser Scales.

I am new to cooking and baking, but both myself and Big Tot love to make the odd fairy cake or two. Which means that good, easy to use scales are a must, especially when cooking with a clumsy toddler. 

And to make it worse, I'm not the most tech savvy person- show me a manual longer than 5 pages and I run away, giving it to Gadget Dad who then gives me the easy to understand version!

These scales are small, and weigh very little, which is always a must, as kitchens are filled with more and more gadgetry of different kinds, workspace becomes clogged, but these are tiny! The biggest part is the microwave safe bowl.

The bowl is cleverly designed with a lip to pour liquid straight from the scale to the mixing bowl or pan you are using, without spills. It also washes with ease and didn't mean food became stuck to it.
The main part of the scales comes in black or white, and is sleekly designed. It has just 2 buttons on the whole scale- even complete cooking and kitchen gadget novices such as myself can manage that! They are incredibly accurate, and you can weigh the ingredients in with one hand whilst keeping a hand on an over eager child! 
The bowl doesn't slip or slide around on the scale so you don't end up with a half bowl of flour everywhere!

Definitely a great scale for amateur cooks, and kids alike, which saves space and looks great.


The Tots Auntie offered to review the MiBody Analyser scales. 

These are very smart looking scales, are virtually as light in weight as a feather, and are full of tech to help with any weight loss or healthy living plan.

The manual is pretty huge- but there is so much you have to read up on to really get the benefit of them.

They go a bit further than just telling you how much you weigh in stones!

These also calculate, just by standing on them and inputting your height, your percentage fat, body water and  muscle mass. Even more scarily, they also tell you your BMI, your Basal Metabolic Rate (or how fast your body can burn fat when you rest) and your Visceral Fat, the amount of Fat buried inside your bodies tissue!

In some cases, especially if you know you are holding onto some extra weight, you do think "do I really need to know this?". 

However, with the added use of the USB stick which comes with the scales, and the software which means you can keep all the information stored on your PC and track your progress. This is all included in the box, and is easy to use, even though at first it does appear to be quite complicated.

There's no need to have several different scales per householder either, as the scales can remember the information of upto 12 people at a time.

They are easy to read due to the LCD display, and when not being used as a scale can be used as a clock too! And thats not all- as its hard to read a clock or input information whilst the scale is flat, it comes with little feet to make it stand up safely. These really have been well thought out and designed to make life easier.

The only downside is the battery life, which lasted about a month before they needed to be replaced- not great, but unsurprising when there is so much information stored in it.

At £69.99 these are for the serious weight loss enthusiast, as the price tag is vastly bigger than your standard scales. But they are very clever, and will help those in need of a good kick in the right weight loss direction. Just the thought of hidden fat will put you off a bacon butty!

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