Thursday, 22 April 2010

Snooze Shade

Little Tot loves nothing more than a good nap in his buggy. When he gets bored of shopping he just catches some zeds. But when its sunny, its no good, as the lights too bright! So, what did he think of Snooze Shade?

The Snooze Shade is a great alternative to what all parents do when the weather gets a bit too hot and its making the child cranky, of placing a blanket or jacket over the top of the buggy.

This ingenious invention literally attaches very quickly and simply to the hood and base of the buggy to provide a complete block to light, and is UPF 50+/ Its no surprise that it was invented by a Mum, and the attention to detail of the Blackout Blind for buggies is obviously thought through and designed by someone in the know!

It also folds away when not needed, but is very simple to put away in its pouch- no need to curse as you try and fold it up and have bits of material flying here there and everywhere- I managed to roll it up with no help from Gadget Dad, which was great.

In another great bit of design thinking, there's no need to keep undoing the top to check that alls well with your tot, as there is a handy zip up window to allow you easy viewing. It also can be used safely at night as the sides have High Visibility seams and straps, so you'll be seen in the darkest of nighttime.

I cannot stress how great this product is on all points- easy to use and to store, safety conscious and well designed. It fits most Buggies and prams on the market, and is priced at £19.99. This may seem quite expensive, but with the Snooze Shade being suitable for use all year round, and providing the highest level of UV protection without the need for a secondary sun shade, this is a must have for all parents for peace of mind.

We also loved that when we returned from the shops and Big Tot wanted to disturb Little Tots nap, she couldn't reach in and tickle him awake, leaving him moody all day, and so left a harmonious Family Panel house!

We give this well thought out safety product a Family Panel Thumbs Up!
You can find more info on the Snooze Shade at


  1. I don't even bother rolling ours - it stuffs in the bag in half the time!

  2. I stuff it in the bag too!! Love my snoozeshade!! :D