Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Spotlight on: WILKINSONS

The Family Panel love a good bargain, and love to do their shop as easy as possibly. So we've been nosying around our local Wilkinsons to see what bargains can be had, and what that bargain price gets you.

Wilkinsons is a store which picks up where Woolworths left us all, selling their own range of everything from beauty to homewares and baby goods to pick n mix. They also sell big name brands just like the supermarket, but at a fraction of the price.
We tried a selection of their own brand range of baby wipes and bath lotion, sunscreens and Ready to Use cleaning wipes.

The baby wipes and lotion where excellent in value for money- the baby bath smelt just as nice and created the same foamy bubbles as a brand double in price. The wipes are priced at just 97p per pack of 80, and currently are on special in store at 2 for £1.50, which is just ridiculously good value! 

The Sunscreens are available in all variations and for kids too, they provide just as high UV protection as brands which cost a lot more. Big Tot is not a fan of standing still to have sunscreen applied, but she liked that the kids moisturising sun lotion was purple in colour until it rubbed in- a little detail which may seem insignificant, but those who have a squirming child will know little added bits like this make all the difference.
We loved the Moisturising After Sun Gel for adults, which didn't have that nasty chemical smell which is usually present in cheaper brands. Again, at £1.98, this is a summer essential, and leaves no excuse not to be sun safe.

Its not just bottles and lotions either, Wilkinsons also has special goods which can be ordered in store or online.

For instance, how about a whole cot bundle- including mattress, pine cot and matching mobile, bumper and  bedding, for £207! Or a garden table, chairs and parasol for £40. Or, for the kids, a girls or boys push bike, with accessories, for £60. There really is a great choice for whatever you need to buy at any price range. 

Its definitely worth having a look around your local Wilkinsons for a great mix of items which may skimp on price, but not on quality.

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  1. We love the shop too having discovered it when we moved house. The toddler wipes are flushable so great for toilet training & teaching them to wipe themselves.

    It is the shop to go to when you can't think of where to buy what you want!