Monday, 19 April 2010

Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael on Network DVD

20SomethingMum loves her chick flicks, and has been watching Network DVDs re-release of 1990's classic "Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael". 
This wasn't a film I was familiar with, and when I received it I had no idea it was a reissue. 
The film stars Winona Ryder as Dinky, a girl who was adopted by a small town carpet salesman and his wife, in a town whose only claim to fame is that the title character had a song written about her.

Dinky is what most would describe as the "weird" girl at school- mercilessly picked on by her peers, and only just tolerated by her adopted mother- who has seemingly decided to send her to a school for socially inept girls,  purely because Dinky has failed to be the little girl she wanted when she adopted her.

We visit Dinky and the town as they prepare for the arrival of Roxy Carmichael. We also get to see what the fellow townspeople who remember Roxy- including Denton, her childhood sweet heart (brilliantly played by Jeff Daniels) think about her return.

In places the film is quite dark, and in others is pure comedy- we are left rooting for Dinky to rise above the bullying of her peers and Mother and to become the sweetheart of the town heart throb, and for Denton to be reunited with his first love. However, the film doesn't quite provide the ending one would expect.

The film itself, despite being a reissue, is still just as relevant to today, and is a piece of cinema gold- especially as it is so well written and you feel caught up in the twists and turns. The unlikely pairing between Dinky and Denton work very well, and are brilliantly observed. The transformation of Dinky from strange kid always dressed in black to the girl she becomes is also very well played- unlike some films were in one scene the geek or weird kid suddenly transforms Cinderella like to be the popular kid, its more subtle, and therefore more believable. 

A likeable film which will keep you interested to the end.

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