Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I Know You Know DVD

Gadget Dad and 20SomethingMum love a movie night, but these days the cinema isn't always an option. They've been watching Brit Flick I Know You Know, starring Robert Carlyle. So, was it popcorn aplenty, or a bit of a snoozefest?

I Know You Know is by Justin Kerrigan, who brought us the 90s Clubbers Bible film, Human Traffic. This time, he casts Robert Carlyle as Charlie, Father to an 11 year old boy, Jamie, whose overactive imagination sets up the story of the film. 

We join the two as they move to a new home and Jamie to a new school. However, its the unpredictable nature of his Father that leads Jamie's mind to wander. Making his father into an international man of mystery, he becomes convinced that his Dad must work as a spy, for MI6.

He seems to get this wandering mind from his Father, excellently portrayed by Trainspotting and Full Monty's Carlyle. He appears to be something of a role model for his son, a dreamer, who wants to rise from the dreary, run down neighbourhood he is forced to house his son in, for a new life in America. However, this preoccupation leaves one wondering how much attention he pays to his sons wishes. 

It also has an underlying, and at first not obvious, storyline which explores how sometimes fantasy and dreams can go too far, and descend into ill health. But this is done with subtlety, rather than an in your face way, which make sit easier to digest and watch.
Its in parts quite dark, and then turns tale and changes to be quite a sweet tale of the relationship, and similarities, between the man and the boy. A good social commentary, and in parts an original story which is well observed,however  it does smack of other down at heel, living in the slums British films, none more so than Full Monty itself. 

Definitely a departure from Human Traffic, and its high paced filming which at times made it feel like a home movie, this is much more gentle, and enjoyable for the older viewer.

Something to curl up and watch on the sofa, but make sure you have a box of tissues ready for the ending!

I Know You Know is available on Network DVD, priced £9.99 (Price from Amazon)

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