Thursday, 20 May 2010

OXO Candela "Tooli" Lamps

Big Tot has had a stressful time moving to our new home, and a new bedroom. She has been trying out OXO Candela Lamps, so have they stopped her new room being scary?

OXO are not to be confused with the gravy company! Based in n\New York they handle many products which are familiar throughout America, and they are now making the journey across the pond to us in the UK. They use the company name OXO as, its universal and reads the same whatever way you write it. 

Onto the product though!

The first difference between the Candela and regular night lights is that there are two of them! 

Both are a funny shape- Big Tot immediately called them Aliens when they were removed from the box!

They come with an easy to use base, which the lights fit into to charge up during the day. 

They can then be removed and placed wherever the child requires them in the room, and go on to provide 8 hours of soft LED lighting. 

They are incredibly easy to use, and light up automatically when they are lifted from the base, or if the electricity fails and they are in the charger base (which is very handy- we had a power cut when we first received them and they provided enough glow to find the candles!).

The portability is obviously a great feature as it makes a growing in confidence child find it easy to get to your bedroom in the night, or for bathroom trips too. 
Available in green and blue or pink and red, they are very well designed, with no visible flexes or buttons to be pushed for them to charge or work. They don't over heat either, and due to the recharge base they don't constantly require new batteries or drain electricity.

The quirky design makes them ideal for a child's room, although Gadget Dad wanting to pinch them for using in his music room too!

They can be used indoors or outdoors, which makes them a great buy as an alternative to dangerous candles if the children are in the garden of an evening.

The full Candela range can be found at the OXO website.

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  1. Oh I've got some of these to review too! I love using them outside! :)