Thursday, 20 May 2010

Plum Baby Range

Little Tot has been munching on some of the Plum Baby organic food range for tots like him. So was his plate clean or were there lots of leftovers?

Plum Baby can be found in all the major supermarkets, and are reasonably priced. The packaging is inviting, and the range contains natural ingredients which obviously is important to the large majority of parents.

We received some of the Plum Baby sauces, including Mild Vegetable Masala sauce, and their Spelt Finger biscuits.

The sauce is amazing- I have tried cooking with similar child friendly sauce ranges, but found they made regular ingredients taste like Baby Food jars with bigger lumps! 

I added the Masala sauce to chicken breast, which I had pre-cooked. It took a mere 3 minutes of gentle heating, and when plated up with rice, the chicken smelt delicious and I had to taste it! 

I can honestly say it tasted better than some of the supermarket micro curries I ate in my early days of cooking in a bedsit! I thought, wrongly, that as the sauce was stuffed with veggies it would taste of veg and nothing else. 

The sauce was so nice I would be happy to cook with this sauce for a meal for all of us. In fact, its often the case that when I cook for a mixed group of adults and children, I end up cooking two separate meals. But with these sauces I think adults would love the natural taste and kids would be eating healthily without knowing it. The empty plate spoke for itself with Littlest!

Another bonus is that they contain no artificial ingredients or animal fats, so if you are feeding your child a vegetarian diet then these are the perfect quick meal alternative.

The Spelt Biscuits were kind of like a posh version of Rusks, but with taste!

Littlest's personal favourite were the Pomegranate variety. Again, these are tooth friendly, and contain only natural sugars. They were great for our teething boy, who happily munched on them whenever he was allowed.

They are handy snacks for the buggy bag too, with the biscuits being wrapped inside the box in twos. 

Such was the likability of these that Big Tot also loved munching them, and they had to be hidden out of hr reach!

I will, without doubt, be buying these for the family, the sauces are versatile, and when you don't have the time to cook can be added to any number of cooked ingredients for a quick and healthy meal. 

Well done Plum Baby!

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