Monday, 21 June 2010

GUEST REVIEW: Earth Friendly Baby Range

We welcome a new Guest Reviewer to the Family Panel's ever growing rota, in the form of a tiny tester! Little M writes at his blog Mummy's Busy World, with a little help from his Mummy of course! Here's the first of what we hope will be many of Little M's reviews, and its Earth Friendly Baby...

Shhh! Mami won’t like me saying this to you, but she does not see the point of buying special lotions, body washes or shampoos for me. She sees that other mami’s lather up their little ones with “extra special” soaps and oils, but she just doesn’t get it.

Mami just goes to our local Boots and buys whatever is on offer. Hey! It’s worked fine until now, I smell good, and I’m clean. I do have dry skin, and mami has tried to put lotion on me, but I don’t like the sticky feeling on my arms and legs and I wiggle and twist until I am out of her grasp.

She tries again every now and then, but I won’t have it! I’m like daddy, a simple, no fuss kind of guy. So when the nice people at Earth Friendly Baby and Kids asked if I would like to test out some of their lotions, shampoos and nappy cream, I had my doubts. Unfortunately for me, mami checks the emails so I wasn’t able to hide that from her. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try them out and then I thought, this could be my very first review!

Earth Friendly Baby and Kids don’t settle for irritated skin or unnecessary chemicals in their products. And the best part of all is that their pure and natural range of affordable, everyday toiletries for children offers everything mamas and daddies need at great value prices. That is the part mami liked the best.

Now I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I poop a lot, but I have very bad nappy rash. I sometimes cry when mami is changing me because it hurts so much. We’ve been using the Baby Organic Red Clover Diaper Care Cream (£5.49), and it made me feel better than the other stuff we use. It’s thick and soothes me right away. Mami and I like it very much, but mentioned to daddy that she would not buy such a small tube of nappy cream for that price when she can just buy a bigger container and have it last longer.

I still don’t like having shampoo and body wash on me, but mami and I were surprised at how yummy the organic chamomile Kids Shampoo and Bodywash (£3.99 250ml) smelled.  It left my hair soft and my skin feeling fresh. I give mami the go-ahead to use this on me again. I like playing with the bottles in the water and besides it distracts me from the hair washing that I find so annoying.

Washing my hands with the Kids Handwash

I also now wash my hands with the zingy citrus Kids Handwash (£3.99 250ml). I like it because I can press down on the pump and get the soap out by myself! It reminded me of the orange pieces I sometimes have for lunch. It leaves my hands nice and clean and it’s so much better than using wipes.

Lastly, as much as I do not like to admit it, the Baby Organic Calendula Daily Care Cream (£5.49) was the best of all! I still don’t make it easy for mami to put it on me, but since I was so relaxed after my citrus bath, I lay still long enough for mami to put some cream on my arms and legs.

She showed me how to rub it on my knees – it wasn’t so bad! I’ve noticed that my skin feels much better and its not as dry as before. The size of the tube is quite big and should last for some time. I think the nappy cream should come in that size too!

Earth Friendly have all sorts of other yummy smelling lotions, soaps and products for mamas and kids. You can find the Earth Friendly Kids and Baby products for your little ones at selected Waitrose stores, good baby and health stores and via

Mami and I really like Earth Friendly and recommend you try it too!

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