Tuesday, 29 June 2010

GUEST REVIEW Loudenough Headphones

We have a special Guest Review from 9 year old Callum, son of Natalie who is co-founder of Sophie4Sophie childrenswear. He, like most modern kids, loves listening to a MP3 player but what can a parent do to stop the kids turning up the volume and ruining their ears? In line with Child Safety Week, we asked Callum to test some Safety Headphones- so what did this music lover think?

Hi, my name is Callum and I am 9 years old.
I have never written a blog before, but today I am!

A while ago, my mum said to me that this  www.loudenough.com company were asking kids to test some new earphones (they are ones that go in your ears, not on top of them!) and as I am a kid who plays music ALL the time and the psp, I thought I would give them a go!
What my mum forgot to mention tho is that these earphones have a limit to how loud they can go. 
BUMMER I thought!
My mum thought it would be good for me to try tho, as I always play my music loud enough for her to hear, 2 rooms away! haha..

So, the earphones arrived the post a few days later, I was so excited as I never get any post just for me!

I whipped them out the box and started playing with them.
They were blue! (my fave colour) but they do come in 3 different colours, plum (pink, yuk!) mint (green) and of course, my fave BLUE! which they call blueberry!
To make sure they fit in your ears properly they came with 3 different sized squidgy things which make them fit perfectly, I have big ears, so needed the biggest size, I did test out all 3 sizes to see which fitted the best though! they also come with cool carry case which looks like a pod!

I got my iPod and tested them out. True to what they say, they didnt go as loud as my iPod ones do, but they are still loud enough for me to enjoy the music (and to stop the shouting I can hear from my brothers and baby sister!)
The music sounded really cool too, was like I was there in a concert listening to my favourite bands! Which is pretty awesome!

I then wanted to try them in my psp. The wires on the earphones are really long too, not too long, but long enough for me to play the psp without having to hold the psp close to me.
he sound was again still loud enough for me to hear and enjoy but without being too loud.
Also, the headphones didnt fall out my ears ONCE, which is really cool as I’m always wiggling about when playing games!

I think the reason why the company designed these earphones to be only a certain loud, but not too loud is that everyone plays their music too loud and that can damage your ears and your eardrums. If you do it all the time it can make you go deaf when your older. Which would be really bad.
My mum has this thing called tinnitus and she is sure that she has it from listening to really loud (rubbish) music when she was a kid! I don't want to damage my ears, so now instead of listening to my music with my normal earphones, I am now ONLY going to use the loud enough ones!

I am so excited that they let me keep the earphones too, I did offer to give them back, as they are quite expensive £29.99RRP but online you can get them for about £19.99 which is WAY LOADS of pocket money, I’d be saving for ages to buy my own!

My mum said I have to say that they were given to me free if I write this review. SO thank you, thank you, thank you to LOGITECH people! I am so grateful that my mum told me about the earphones and that she asked if I could check them out as I really do like them.

A few facts about the earphones:
* They are designed for kids over 6 years old, which is great for me, I’m 9! but my 7 year old brother says he can use them too, NO WAY I say, get your own!!
* They come with 1 year limited warranty, which means (I think) that they will fix them or replace them if something goes wrong when you use them, but NOT if you drop them in the bath or worse, the toilet! (Hahaha)

* They also have a cool FAQ section on their website : http://www.loudenough.com/faq

Now if anyone would like to let me review anymore cool stuff I would be really happy to! 

(The post was first posted at Callum's friend site, Totallysonny and we say thanks to him for this honest account!)

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