Thursday, 10 June 2010

GUEST REVIEW: Organix Breakfast

Its time to hand over the page to one of our regular Guest Review contributors, the MADS Nominated (quite right too!) Emma from Mellow Mummy. 
Her very own Tot Tester has been munching on Organix Baby Breakfast, so what did she think....?

I regularly use Organix products in my daughter's daily routine. Over the past few months, Organix have launched a number of new products in their breakfast range and we were keen to try them all out.

Organix make a wide range of cereals to suit all ages and tastes. Their Cereal Taster Pack is a great way of introducing some simple tastes and textures at the first stage of weaning – it contains a small sachet of their baby rice, banana porridge and their four-grain porridge which is suitable from 4 months because it is gluten-free).

My daughter is now well past the stage of baby-rice and sloppy porridge for breakfast – she's looking for something a bit more exciting. The Organix Wholegrain Fruity Apple Cereal and their Seven Grain Cereal are both an interesting texture and they look really tasty. My daughter loves them both and will quite happily eat a huge bowlful (much bigger than a full-grown adult could eat!). Both cereals are made from 100% organic ingredients with no added anything (as per the Organix 'No-Junk Promise').

Sometimes plain porridge, however interesting it is in texture, can get a little repetitive for breakfast and so Organix have come up with a series of recipes to inspire you to think a little differently when it comes to baby's breakfast. We tried mixing the Wholegrain Fruity Apple Cereal with half a pot of their Apple & Vanilla Purée and served it with a few slices of fresh apple... it went down a treat and it felt so good to be giving my baby something so flavoursome and healthy for breakfast.

We also tried mixing the Four Grain Cereal from the Cereal Taster Pack with a little puréed mango and mango slices. It was really summery and made the cereal that little bit more exciting.

My daughter also tried a jar of Organix Creamy Oat Porridge. She didn't seem overly impressed with the jar but then she's never eaten anything from a jar before but she ate it and therefore I'd consider using this product again as a convenient product to take with us when staying away from home as it is often hard to find suitable baby breakfast foods on holiday and when staying with friends.

The Organix range of breakfast cereals and purées are great tasting, easy to use products for babies of all ages. They can be given to babies with basic tastes and combined with fresh fruit and dairy products to make exciting breakfasts for the more adventurous palete.

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