Wednesday, 23 June 2010

OH Baby London Clothing for Kids

Little Tot is getting not so little, and as such clothes are becoming more and more important- less baby stuff, more growing toddler. There are lots of things to consider when spending money on clothing- are they wash proof, soft with no nasty seams, and most important of all, will they survive the early explorations of an inquisitive toddler? Oh Baby London sent us some of their range to put to the test.

Oh Baby London was started 6 years ago by Graphic Designer and ( at the time) first time Mum to Be Hannah, who wanted to find cool clothing with a sense of humor, but found the High Street sadly lacking. She set to work designing something just that little bit different, and now owns a successful shop in Brick Lane, as well as a website selling alternative and self designed kidswear by mail order.

We tried two of their boys t-shirts out on Little Tot. 

At present, finding clothes which fit over his rather round tummy, which don't constrict him is difficult, and we have taken to buying him tops which are often two sizes older to achieve this.

The Oh Baby London tops fitted him perfectly in his age appropriate size. They didn't cling or rub at all, and there was no sign of his belly poking out of the bottom!

They are of excellent soft quality, and fully machine washable. Which with a toddler discovering the joys of mud pies, is always a consideration!

They are just that little bit different- however, unlike some companies which find it funny to sell tops with offensive slogans, these are much more tongue in cheek, and wont cause offense when worn in public!

The detail on an "I Rock" tee is amazing, and you can clearly see the Graphic Designer element shining through.  The back of the tee, which is often left plain, is a hive of activity, with little stars, guitars and hearts covering it. This had to be my fave from the site, and despite many washes the print hasn't faded.

Also on site are some great gift sets, which come gift wrapped in a tin lunchbox- a clever alternative to the usual gift bag or box which will be thrown out, this can be used as well. 

My personal favourite is the Been Inside for 9 months playsuit set. A very clever slogan, and something which will stand out against all those plain white items, or boring slogans.

The site is full of great little items which are hard wearing, detailed and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend having a look if you're bored of the same old designs.

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