Thursday, 10 June 2010

Pasta HI-LO Highchair

Little Tot loves being included at meal times, but he's still too tiny to sit on a big chair with the rest of the family to eat. He's been trying the Pasta HI-LO Highchair, available from, to see if it made his teatimes less taxing....

The HI-LO chair from Kiddicare comes in different colours suitable for boys or girls, is wipe clean and has a three position food tray, which also has a cup holder.

Unlike some High Chairs we've tried in the past, this is very light weight (Little Tot found it easy when out of it to move it around the floor) and exceptionally easy to put up. The chair itself comes apart so easily that, for those on a budget, its a great buy to take in the car to the child minders or grandparents home, as it fits into an average sized boot when taken apart rather than having a portable chair and a separate static chair at home.

The tray detaches with a simple click and slide, making it easy and safe to remove the child from the seat. It also has a built in guard which fits comfortably between the legs to stop the child from falling out from under the tray. The harness is reassuringly secure too, with a five point system which even the most Houdini-like of child would find impossible to undo!

The legs may look spindly, and at first did concern me a little as to whether they would withstand the weight of our toddler, or whether they would slip around the floor. But regardless of the weight, and the floor surface that the chair was placed on, it withstood it, and not a squeak or slide was caused by the feet.
The seat is large too- something which can be lacking in some seats, where our larger than average son can sometimes find it uncomfortable and be wedged in. 

The price is excellent too- at £19.99, they are a steal for such a funky, safety conscious and easy to assemble chair.

The only downside of the chair- it could benefit from a bit of a padding for the bottom, as the hard moulded plastic, although minus any joins or creases, can look a bit uncomfy.

A great all rounder, with a price which will be hard to beat.


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