Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sarah & Luisa YUMMY DOUGH

The holidays are fast approaching, and we're set for a scorching summer. But what do you do with the kids when the sun has a break and its a rainy day. Yummy Dough from Sarah and Luisa may just be a solution.

Hands up everyone who has either heard or has their very own " my child ate modeling clay" story? I know I have. Big Tot was given a tube of a well known modeling clay for Christmas by a friend, and was happily sitting playing with it. That was until Little Tot came up, eyed something bright blue which smelt nice and ate some. Cue mass hysteria, blue foam from the mouth, and a frantic phone call to our bemused GP. Hence the rest of the gift went in the bin at the nearest available opportunity. 

So, when I heard about Yummy Dough, I had one of those "wish I'd thought of that" moments. 

Most Mum's will know a Mum who makes their own dough for their kids, but in the time poor era we all live in, its not always possible to mix a big vat of the stuff up, find those food colourings that lurk for years in our cupboards (as what child will want just one colour?)  and get the consistency right!

With Yummy Dough, it's like your super Mum friend has made it for you! 

Inside the box is everything you need to get making- including 4 pre-made sachets of powder in the primary colours, a measuring tool and a modelling tool. There is also a handy instruction leaflet which features tips on how to make different colours by mixing the powders together for those really experimental Parents and older kids.

It is so simple to do, even for tots like Big Tot. You just pick the desired colours, place in an old mixing bowl, add 15ml of water and give it a stir. Once its reached a crumbly consistency, you knead the whole lot together, and off you go (or the kids!) and make whatever shapes or creatures you would make with regular doughs.

The clever part of the Yummy Dough is, as the name suggests, its completely non-toxic, so if you do have a child who wants to eat everything they see, there's no need for frantic phonecalls!

Better yet, you can bake the shapes the kids make, and either varnish them as keepsakes and gifts, or, well, eat the lot!

They taste rather good too, I found they tasted akin to Dolly Mixtures actually, and had to wander off for fear of eating all the dough before Big Tot had finished.

The Tot Testers verdict was very favourable, and they had no reason to suspect there was any difference at all, except I wasn't watching the pair like a hawk.

It also doesn't get stuck in the carpet like its well known competitor- when it did get trodden in, I found it was simply a case of rubbing a bit of water over it, and vacuuming it up.

In my opinion, schools and nurseries should have this instead of the regular dough as its much safer.

You can buy YUMMY DOUGH from Amazon for 7.99 a box, with 4 113g sachets.

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