Saturday, 26 June 2010

WEBSITE REVIEW: Think Pink & Blue 2

The Tot Testers are your average Girl and boy. Big Tot loves everything pink, sparkly and girly, whilst Little Tot is much more rough and ready and loves everything you'd associate with boys. So, thats why they've been having a look around a site dedicated to both of their genders! 

Think Pink & Blue 2 was started in England in 1999, originally just to satisfy girls and adults with a love of pink, via the internet. They then introduced the Blue 2 element to the site last year to broaden their market and make the site useable for parents with both the sexes in their home.

Selling a range which includes everything from bedroom accessories to gifts and dressing up clothes, the site is eyecatching and user friendly, with very reasonable pries too.

Big Tot got to try a Think Pink Spotty Baking set for her age group.

Inside the smart packaging is a Chefs hat with a pink polka dot twist, a matching multi coloured apron and tea towel, as well as a scaled down wooden spoon and rolling pin just the right size for a 3 year old.

To say this is cute when on is an understatement, little girls will be clamouring to help out in the kitchen as the perfect excuse to wear it. 

Big Tot has also used the set for some imaginative role playing games with a plastic bowl, acting out being a cook for hours. 

The items are very well made, and the utensils are light weight enough to make them fun.

The apron and tea towel are very kid resistant- Big Tot decided on one of her pretend games to make mud pies, covering the apron in mud and dirt. However a quick spin in the washer and there was no sign of the dirt which had previously hidden the pattern!

The Pink side of the site also has some pretty bedroom accessories, all with a great amount of detail in butterfly, fairy or flower patterns (and sometimes all 3 at once!). Items include classic note boards, frames and bean bags in miniature sizes just perfect for your Little Princesses room. 

There's also a great range of hair accessories too, again in pinks, purples and reds, as well as sparkles and ribbons. Prices for hair accessories start at 1.99 for a set of 8 matching hair clips and bobbles.

Its a Pink haters nightmare come true, you'd almost believe that Barbie got together with a group of Flower Fairies and created the site! We loved it, as there are some great not-on-the-High-Street items which would make great gifts too.

On the Blue 2 side, you have similar bedroom items, however there's not a sequin or pastel shade in sight!

Little Tot was given a London Bus Money Box (9.99) for his shelf.

Its chunky, cartoon shaped and easy to remove the hard earned pennies from without smashing it. It was light weight and very well made with the same level of attention to detail that is obvious throughout the site.

You name it, cars, boats, trains and footballs, its all here in striking colours and designs which will just finish any boys room off with a flourish. 

Or why not kit them out with a snazzy rucksack which the other kids wont have, or what about party invites? Its all here in one handy place.

Also available is a range of costumes for boys and girls, such as knights, fairies and Princesses, with more to follow. And again, all reasonably priced for complete sets (a heavily detailed complete Kinight set is a mere 12.99).

There's not much that can't be found at this site, we are very impressed indeed, and suggest Parents of boys, girls or both bookmark it.

A definite, and well deserved,  Family Panel Thumbs Up.

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