Friday, 11 June 2010

Wilkinsons Paint Range

20SomethingMum has been freshening up the Family Panel house, but being a novice decorator, she asked for some tips. Wilkinsons told us that they could make doing the whole house easy, and for less. So, was the paint up to scratch?

Its not often that I'm allowed to decorate. In fact, Gadget Dad being such a perfectionist, its not often I'm allowed in a room while he decorates it. But this time he relented, so I could see just how user friendly the Wilkinson's range of decorating products were.

Firstly, they have paint, brushes, rollers and all the other decorating essentials for all budgets. With Rollers starting at a reasonable £1.99, and a set of 6 different sized brushes for 54p, the money which can be saved for the finishing touches are hard to beat.

The quality doesn't suffer for the price either- with some cheap brushes, the bristles can fall out on the first use and become stuck in the paint, which spoils the finish of the wall itself. But not so with the Wilkinson brushes, which had chunky, hand friendly handles, and were easy to clean too.

So, the paint.
If you're a novice like me, then the trip to the DIY store can be daunting- with so many colours, sizes and types of paint to choose from, its hard to know what type you need for what job. And, if you're like me, the idea of asking one of the in store experts feels me with dread!

Again, Wilkinsons obviously has shoppers like me in mind. The paint still comes in lots of colours, but the pots handily tell the buyer whether they are for the Kitchen or Bathroom, Durable (so better suited to kids rooms or rooms used all the time), or for any room you like. They also have Statement paint, and the colours in this range really are that little bit different!

I tried two different variations of paint. 

Firstly, I used Wilko Colour in Candy Cane, a very bright pink, and chose the Vinyl Silk variety as the back of the pot helpfully told me it was ideal for rooms which might need the walls cleaning-ideal as I was using it in Big Tots room!

The walls I was painting over had lots of little darker patterns, and I didn't think that the paint would manage to cover these first time. But, after leaving the paint to dry, I was impressed to see that the one coat had been a success. The paint went on spectacularly easy, didn't drip, and even after leaving the lid off for a couple of hours while I got on with other chores, it didn't turn lumpy.

I thought I'd challenge the range further by using a lighter pink on the other walls, to see if they could cover the wallpaper as well as the darker pink.

So, I picked Pink Harmony, again in Vinyl Silk, and used a new roller (as directed!).

Again, the paint went on very easily, and again, after being left to dry, had covered the wall with no problem patches.

The paint dried very quickly, being touch dry in 1 hour in the well ventilated room, and completely dry another two hours after that. And they aren't kidding that its washable- Big Tot decided to put a hand in the lighter paint and stick it on the darker pink. Even though it had nearly dried, a wet cloth was all it took to remove the marks. It also didn't smell quite as nasty as some paint can smell.

The paint costs £12.97 for 2.5ltr, I did think I'd need a couple of pots of each paint to do the room, which is a kingsize room of about 12 foot. But the paint is of such good quality, I managed to paint the entire room with just two pots, one of each colour, and still had some left over for little touch ups.

But what if your budget is smaller than that?

Well, Wilkinsons also have their Right Price paint range too,in White or Magnolia, and again in Silk or Matt. I used the Magnolia in our Living Room, and although it wasn't as thick as the paint I used in the bedroom,and did require a couple of coats, it still went on the walls with little effort, with no clumps or lumps, and covered well.

This range is just £8.97 for 5ltrs. The white is even cheaper, at £4.99 for 5ltrs.

With wallpapers for the more adventurous (starting at £6.97 per roll), and accessories to match the majority of colours of paint too, the whole room can be decorated and dressed for as little as £50, which is great for those of us who are on a budget but don't want to miss out on the latest fads.

I urge anyone who is either a novice or a natural, who fancies a room re-do to check out their local store for ideas, tips and savings.

Definitely deserves a Family Panel Thumbs Up!


  1. That is super handy and super timely, as I am just about to stick my decorator hat on! Thanks loads 20somethingmum!

  2. I regularly buy their cheap brushes when I can't be bothered to wash them. However, I have found they are not as good as a decent heavy brush which costs more. They do have their place though in my decorating kit!